Digital Storytelling Guardians of the Galaxy VFX Masterclass

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Digital Storytelling Guardians of the Galaxy VFX Masterclass

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Digital Storytelling presents "Guardians of the Galaxy Masterclass: Talking racoons and alien worlds. Bringing life to the Marvel Universe".

The masterclass will be given by Theodor Groeneboom of Framestore CFC and Otto Thorbjørnsen. Theodor won the Visual Effect Society (VES) Award for Outstanding Compositing in a Feature Motion Picture for his work on Gravity, and many will remember his Masterclass on Gravity earlier this year as well as his presentation of his work on Avatar at Digital Storytelling 2010. Otto Thorbjørnsen has worked in VFX since 2005 and outside of Norway for the past 2,5 years on films including Gravity, The Great Gatsby, Thor 2 and most recently Guardians of the Galaxy for Framestore (CFC). He is now back at Storm Studios in Oslo.

This masterclass aims to give an exclusive insight into creating believable characters such as Rocket Racoon and Groot, and bringing life to the alien world of Knowhere. From early collaboration with the film-makers to the design process of the characters, their appearance, movement and attitude; to the complex task of executing over 600 vfx shots on schedule.

The talk focuses on the challenges associated with creating a lead digital actor in a major blockbuster.

Key points to take away :
* Creating Rocket Racoon and giving him character and life.
* Designing and working with Knowhere - A giant alien world floating in space.
* The technical challenges of always upping-the-game in a Marvel film.

Early Bird Tickets for NOK 450 available through our Facebook Shop on a first come first served basis limited to 100 seats. Regular tickets at NOK 600.


Theodor has spent the past 13 years creating visual effects for commercials, broadcast television and feature films. For the last 5 years he has been with Framestore in London working on films such as Avatar, Gravity and Guardians of the Galaxy. His post production work on Gravity earned him a Visual Effects Society award for "Outstanding Compositing In A Motion Picture Feature" at the 12th Annual VES awards in Los Angeles. As well as an Oscar for Best Visual Effects given to the Framestore Gravity team. He's currently working as a compositing supervisor on an upcoming Marvel movie.

Otto has been part of the Norwegian Visual Effects industry since 2005, working as a compositor and supervisor at Storm Studios on a number of feature films and commercials. He has worked abroad for the past two and a half years on films such as Gravity, The Great Gatsby, Thor 2 and most recently Guardians of the Galaxy for Framestore (CFC). Otto returned to Norway in August of this year and will work on bringing international experience into Norwegian productions.
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