CHARACTER DESIGN COURSE with Nikolai Lockertsen!

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CHARACTER DESIGN COURSE with Nikolai Lockertsen!

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Nikolai teaches you the secrets of fantastic character design using Procreate on the iPad. From rough sketch to final detail, he reveals his process step-by-step, creating several characters using different approaches and techniques.

Join us and start learning today at!

Nikko takes you on an amazing, creative journey with your iPad as your new sketchbook. He guides you step-by-step, revealing how to get the most out of this inspiring new method of creating art.

Note: This course is structured for students with an intermediate knowledge of Procreate. A basic understanding of the interface and tools is recommended.

Building on from the basics, Nikko takes you through the course step-by-step in an easily accessible and understandable way. Bringing characters to life on the page is about more than just being able to draw. You will learn how to breathe life in to your character using a variety of techniques that has led Nikko to being a highly sought-after Concept Artist for movies, games, and TV.

He shows you tips and tricks for making characters that will jump off of the page and in to your next big creative project!
Highlights from the course include:

• The complete process from rough sketch to final detail
• Creating several characters using different style and approach for each
• Handy tricks to get the most from Procreate’s powerful tools
• Layer modes, Transform tool, Adjustment Curves, and more!

Click HERE to see the course page at

Nikko on YouTube
CHARACTER DESIGN Course with Nikolai Lockertsen
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CHARACTER DESIGN Course with Nikolai Lockertsen
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Legg innav Howii » fre 04 apr, 2014

Nikko er en utrolig dyktig kar, så for de som er intressert i 2d/consept stuff, så erre ikkeno å vente på!
..også for de som ikke sitter med ipad og procreate :)
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Legg innav Mikademius » tir 08 apr, 2014

Nikko er en av Norges beste paa det han gjoer.
Jeg kjoepte nettopp en limited edition Nikko i 120x50 paa Canvas gjort paa en iPAD!
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