NOV: HTML coder and graphic designer

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NOV: HTML coder and graphic designer

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HTML coder and graphic designer

We are looking for a person that loves HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design. Your job will be to take sketches and drawings from our graphic designer, and implement them in HTML and CSS. You will work with the graphics department on one hand, and the application developers on the other hand. You are the one that can make a good looking idea become a good looking responsive interface working nicely across browsers and devices. You will also be given the opportunity to do some design work on your own.

Some keywords important to your new job:

- CSS3
- Responsive design
- Cross browser
- Mobile devices
- Usability
- User Interface and User Experience
- Graphic design

To be sure you are the right person for us, you should be able to describe how the HTML box model works, and how to use it to get stable interfaces using simple HTML and CSS. If you know the box model well, you know that it does not take a lot of divs inside divs to get the desired result.

Send your applications to
TD/Technical Animator, Corporate Marketing - National Oilwell Varco, Houston, TX
Freelance 3D/VFX Artist - Hille3D

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