Stripes - Ptex support in 3DS MAX

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Stripes - Ptex support in 3DS MAX

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Stripes is the code name of a suite of plug-ins and applications developed to add Ptex support in 3dsmax.
The Stripes project includes 3 plug-ins for 3dsmax, and a Texture Painting application

3dsmax plug-ins
An utility that creates Ptex files, bakes 3dsmax textures into an existing Ptex file, and exports objects with Ptex textures in a 3D format that Stripes can read.
A modifier that applies automatic UVs to a PolyMesh object.
A texture that can render Ptex files.

Stripes is a Texture Painting application with Ptex support. Stripes can open, paint and save Ptex files, and it provides a multi-layer painting experience that takes full advantage of Ptex. For example, a new layer can be created just for a few Ptex patches.

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