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Legg innav tassel » tir 28 feb, 2006

Det er kommet ny versjon av det fantastiske gratis programmet "VirtualDub" igjen...


Latest changes:
• Build 24390 (1.6.13, experimental): [february 26, 2006]
• Features added:
- Added limited support for correct seeking when reading AVI files with VBR audio. The VBR audio still cannot be written as such in Direct mode, however.
- Added support for pass-through of PCM audio that has more than 2 channels.
- Added /hexedit command-line switch.
- Converted help file to HTML Help (.chm) format.
- Hex editor: Open dialog now persists its "open as read-only" setting.
- Hex editor: Added keyboard shortcuts for open and save.
- Hex editor: Stopping a RIFF scan still shows partial info.
- Capture: Increased speed of audio resampler.
- Capture: Added ability to fine-tune channel tuning.
- Capture: The command-line /capstart option can now trigger a capture for shorter than one minute using an "s" prefix, i.e. 10s.
- Capture: The "hide on capture" setting is now auto-saved.
• Bugs fixed:
- JPEG files lacking a JFIF or Exim header were not recognized.
- Error dialogs from Windows on disk or DLL load errors are now suppressed for command-line invocations.
- TARGA files with a width of 1 were not written correctly.
- Previewing an advanced audio filter graph using a format that the sound card could not play led to a deadlock.
- Attempting to use audio conversion or resampling with an input PCM format that was not mono/stereo 8/16-bit led to a crash. For now, attempting to do this now throws an error.
- Fixed redraw problems when adjusting the cropping settings of a video filter that is already being cropped on input.
- Added workaround for broken AVI files that have MP3 audio streams with nBlockAlign=0.
- Fixed audio stream sometimes being truncated when the audio stream's nBlockAlign doesn't match its dwSampleSize value.
- Tabbing now works within the border fields of the cropping dialogs.
- 16-bit (565) format was using a bogus bit mask for the green channel.
- Added workaround for livelock when using Creative MP3 codec caused by strange PostThreadMessage() call within that codec.
- When a video filter failed with an error during filter preview, the error was not displayed.
- Fixed clicking in DV type-1 audio decoding when switches in audio sampling rate are encountered.
- Added code to prevent confusion when multiple MP3 audio codecs are installed.
- Capture: Video timing adjustment now defaults to enabled.
- Capture: Cropping dialog did not always display live video properly if preview acceleration wasn't enabled.
- Capture: Fixed intermittent crash when disabling filtering with a DirectShow driver.
- Capture: An error is now displayed when DirectShow filter graph construction fails when starting capture.
- Capture: The default display mode for DirectShow drivers couldn't be set to None.
- Capture: BT8x8 Tweaker could cause U and V to swap on some cards.
• Regressions fixed:
- Filter cropping dialog crashed when no video file was loaded.
- Redraw requests could cause the output frame to be updated even if the output frame was disabled.
- Capture: Frame rate went crazy when using Set Custom Format with DirectShow drivers.
- Capture: Video codecs received a frame rate that was 1/10th that of the correct value (messed up bitrate values accordingly).

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Legg innav thomas » tir 28 feb, 2006

ah, er det noe bra da? :-o

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Legg innav 3dhue » tir 28 feb, 2006

ahh konge! Jeg har faktisk brukt den gamle versjonen jeg fikk av deg flere ganger. Dette må installeres :wink: Takk for linken!

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