Frank Delise intervju (ny 3dsmax product manager)

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Frank Delise intervju (ny 3dsmax product manager)

Legg innav hardrock_ram » fre 08 feb, 2013

A number of changes have taken place at Autodesk since last year’s restructuring plans were announced. The change of 3DS Max product managers among them. With layoffs reaching 500 jobs, including a number of engineers, 3DS Max users have been worried about how this may affect future software development. The announcement that Frank DeLise was appointed as new product manager was well received, but doubts remained.

In order to find some answers regarding which direction 3DS Max development will be taking we talked to Frank DeLise, who kindly agreed to reply to our questions. Since he participated and led the design of 3D Studio MAX in some of its early versions we also took the chance to ask some questions on the subject, as well as how his video game development experience may influence 3DS Max in the future. Below are the results.

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