Cebas have released Thinking Particles 5 for 3ds Max

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Cebas have released Thinking Particles 5 for 3ds Max

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Cebas have released Thinking Particles 5 for 3ds Max.

Welcome to thinkingParticles™ 5

More than 10 Years of Procedural Particle Effects

thinkingParticles™ 5 packs more than 10 years of product development and engineering into one massive procedural dynamics effects system for 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design.

thinkingParticles is unlike anything you may have experienced before, it's total approach to non linear procedural dynamics effects animation makes it stand out as the number one choice of tool for professional Artists in the industry.

Leading industry special effects icons like Mohsen Musavi, Joe Scarr, Paul Hormis, Hristo Velev, Sam Korshid, Ari Sachter-Zeltzer and many more - they all rely on the power of thinkingParticles to deliver the most amazing special effects ever seen on the silver screen.

This year (2012) started with a blast of record setting movie titles that are special effects loaded - and thinkingParticles along with other cebas tools have been used to create some of the compelling effects in those movies.


Practical movie effects are a thing of the past - the predecessor thinkingParticles 4 was one of the first disruptive innovations that redefined a whole industry segment in the movie world. Now, with thinkingParticles 5 the trend continues, by delivering more advanced physics and real world simulation effects than any other product for 3ds Max.

"thinking particles was great, it has power behind it and I really enjoy the workflow and structure. The robust nature of tP and how it can handle a complex scene was fantastic. Also it was completely art directable and is certainly my preference when it comes to working with complex and large particle effects." ~ Jonathan Freisler - FX Artist at Iloura DP in Melbourne, Australia on using tP in the movie Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Courtesy of Iloura DP and Columbia Pictures[/align]

Rule-based Versus Event-driven Particle Systems

Where does thinkingParticles stand? The difference between event-driven particles and rule-based particles can be summed up quite simply: An event-driven particle system usually works based on "triggers" or events that must happen to activate an effect. This implies some kind of key frame related effects while thinkingParticles is totally independent of any timing and key framing!
thinkingParticles offers true Non Linear and procedural animation technology. Rules and conditions control the particle effects, and not timers or events, that happen at certain key frames in an animation. A particle system created with thinkingParticles will always work, regardless of the timing or number of frames that may change in an animation.



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