V-Ray Anniversary Challenge: A Decisive Moment

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V-Ray Anniversary Challenge: A Decisive Moment

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Sjekk ut konkurransen på CGsociety.org i forbindelse med 10-års jubileet til V-Ray!

“The decisive moment, it is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as the precise organization of forms which gives that event its proper expression.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

A decisive moment is the split second when everything changes. It could be an instant from history that altered everything on Earth. Or a pivotal point in time that changed you personally. Perhaps a knockout punch in a heavy weight championship. The last block placed on the Pyramids. The first human step on the moon. A gunshot, a wrong step, or a glance, the decisive moment when fate propelled the world to greatness or drove it to the point of destruction.

The Chaos Group and CGSociety invite you to create an image to tell that story. Using any application to model and V-Ray to render, we want you to illustrate a blink-of-an-eye moment that changed the world. A moment that changed the big picture or had an impact on a person’s life. All industries using V-Ray can fit into the Challenge theme and are welcome to participate.

Final beauty image - rendered in V-Ray
At least two stages of Work in Progress, which must be uploaded to the challenge pages

To complement the V-Ray Challenge, CGWorkshops are offering two 5 week online V-Ray workshops run by veteran trainer and V-Ray practitioner Boaz Livny. Brush up on your skills in Intermediate and Advanced Techniques in V-Ray Part 1 and then Part 2. Chaos Group is offering free fully functioning, time-limited V-Ray licenses to students of these workshops. (Please note that although Boaz can teach you a lot about Intermediate and Advanced Techniques in V-Ray, he can't help you with your submissions for the challenge)


Kim Baumann Larsen : Director : Digital Storytelling : www.digistorytelling.com

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