Mental Audio. nytt sounddesignfirma!

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Mental Audio
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Mental Audio. nytt sounddesignfirma!

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We are a Norwegian based sound design company, specializing in sound design and music for games, movies, websites and motion graphics. The sounds we use are mainly self-recorded (Edirol R-09HR + various studio mics like AKG 414 & Neumann U87) and our sound library is therefore growing rapidly. This makes us capable of offering services as content providers.
Our firm, Mental Audio, is newly established and we’re currently trying to gain new allies and possible projects to wrap our heads around.

Mental Audio consists of two persons with a combined experience in audio post-production ranging over 15 years. At the moment we both study full time to finish our bachelor degree in music technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Check out our homepage, Mental Audio, for more info and samples of our work.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

contact @

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