DO NOT Push The Red Button! (360 Video)

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DO NOT Push The Red Button! (360 Video)

Legg innav PeterSpence » fre 06 nov, 2015

I've been having fun creating the world's first animated 360 degrees Rube Goldberg Machine in 4K. It includes dominoes falling, balls rolling, anvils crashing, and a very flattening finale. It almost features a concertina solo.

The challenge with creating a narrative rather than a panoramic view is to keep the viewer looking in the right direction. I decided to use a Rube Goldberg machine to focus the action in a mostly linear direction. The viewer is of course free to look anywhere though!


Apart from the character animation, the entire movie is a MassFX physics simulation. It took several hundred simulations before everything finally worked. The sequence is entirely created in 3ds Max, rendered using the Redshift 3D render engine, and put together in After Effects with the Skybox plugin from Mettle.

The unwrapped panorama

Peter Spence
Putty Studios
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Legg innav Tronotrond » tir 10 nov, 2015

Haha, awesome Peter!

I worked with you at Qvisten years ago. Nice to see some of your works again!
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Legg innav hardrock_ram » lør 21 nov, 2015

Very cool!!
Funny that it is all one big massFX-simulation too :P
if your not living on a killing ground, you better make your own

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Legg innav PeterSpence » søn 22 nov, 2015

There's now a condensed making-of video to be seen here:

@Tronotrond Yes, I remember! Good to hear from you, and see you're still active in the CG world. I still pop in to Qvisten from time to time. Fun place!

@hardrock_ram I originally planned to hand-animate much of the Rube Goldberg Machine and take it in a far more extreme direction, but then I realised that the fun of these things is that it really works. This was as close to reality as I could get!

Behind-the-scenes video HERE

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