Unity as presentation tool

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Unity as presentation tool

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Postet dette på en engelsk unity forum men fikk ikke svar så jeg kopierer posten inn her på engelsk hvis d går greit.

Our company develops training courses, we mostly use powepoint in our courses but we want better intergration of 3D models and interactive 3D models into our presentations. So i am tasked with exploring alternatives to powerpoint.

Now before i begin learning unity there are some limitations that i need to know if unity can handle.

Output files. I need to end up with 1 different file for each presentation thats easily opened on our classroom computers. without having to go through a setup or installation for every different presentation.

I need to be able to setup a presentation sort of like a powerpoint where i can use mouse, or buttons to go to the next slide. and click on items to make 3d models appear and so on. (more like an ingame menu than an actual game)

Editable. We have 3 or 4 powerpoints per course and over 200 courses that needs updates and so on. We need to create a template that can be relatively easy to modify text and pictures for someone with limited knowledge of unity.

If you happened to have extensive knowledge of unity and good ideas for this project i would love to speak with you. Email me daniel@djacob.no

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