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Steampunk Surgery

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 Steampunk Surgery Steampunk Surgery
Svar: 3 Visninger: 283
 Yellow airplanes Yellow airplanes
Svar: 3 Visninger: 184
 Mech Mech
Svar: 5 Visninger: 274
 House at dusk House at dusk
Erick Thomas
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Really love the steam punk genre. Its something I’ve always wanted to create with. I had this Idea in my head a while. So when I finally found the time, I did!! I spent a lot of time on getting the textures exactly how I wanted. Modelling and lighting was relatively simple. For textures I used box, planar and cylindrical mapping where possible. For the more detailed assets I used Mudbox and Photoshop.
I also did quite a bit of post work in PS.

I hope you guys like it!! Steampunk Surgery
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The Inspiration for this image was from my home in Ireland. My Father is a carpenter and had a shed like this from which he sprung ideas. Birth of Idea
Visninger: 10
Tegnet i Archicad, 3ds max+vray, photoshop House at dusk
Erick Thomas
Visninger: 13
Maya,Zbrush & Vray Futuristic Soldier Landscape
Visninger: 20

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